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Skinner Layne
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Skinner Layne


Accepting complexity means letting go of designing your life, and bravely exposing yourself to the randomness of wild living in the world as it is.

Skinner Layne


If you’re close enough to the light you can see the complex world requires complex solutions, and complex solutions can’t be planned in advance. Life is too complex for that, it turns out.

Skinner Layne


There you are, staring into the abyss of the world, paralyzed in the face of all that darkness.

Skinner Layne

The Myth of Identity and the Danger of Worry

If you wish to live free from fear and worry, do not try to prevent them, but rather prepare yourself. For the cost of your worry is that your joy is diminished, your hope obscured, and your generosity truncated.

Skinner Layne

Universal Aims

The Devil is a political entrepreneur, blurring lines and selling us our own ideals.

Skinner Layne

Type, Archetype, Culture, & the Self

Bias patterns are probabilistic, not deterministic. Even adding archetypal patterns, cultural patterns, familial patterns does not get us to a deterministic model, but merely alters the probabilities.

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